Are you Frustrated that your home has not sold?

Rent your home and ride out the downturn

We can help. We walk the talk
We own and manage our own personal investment properties.

We will …

  • Locate qualified tenants
  • Assist with lease preparation
  • Step you through the rental process
  • We can tell you what rent you can expect from your home
  • Recommend Property Management Companies

Learn how you can make money four different ways with a Rental

Yes, that’s right. You can make money four different ways with renting your home *

  • Tenant pays off your mortgage every month
  • Potential positive cash flow each month
  • Income Tax Deductions on a Schedule E
  • Potential Appreciation over time
  • If you don’t want the headaches of managing your rental, their are a number of local Property Management firms that will handle this for you for a nominal fee.

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